Pattern: Grumpy Bear Vest

I have had my Grumpy Bear since I was about four years old. I have forcibly instilled this love onto my three children. My first was Grumpy Bear for his first Halloween. My second has a mini Grumpy Bear. And I made this vest for my third.

IMG_5800 IMG_5801

The vest pattern is worked loosely off of Argyll Slip-Over vest from Debbie Bliss’s Baby Cashmerino 2 knitting book. I obviously did not include the argyle pattern in the middle, replacing it with the Grumpy Bear pattern. I also made the edging a basic rib. Finally, I used a worsted-weight yarn rather than the baby cashmerino called for, and had to use my rusty math skills to convert the pattern accordingly. However, this pattern could easily be transferred to a blanket, sweater, or any other piece of knitting with sufficient room.


Below I’m including the patterns for the Grumpy Front and Grumpy Back. This was done with worsted weight yarn in mind using a size 7 needle, so it might look a bit different to use a different yarn.

Grumpy front (1)I then added the hearts on the cloud by doing a duplicate stitch sort of randomly on the cloud. I added the mouth and eyebrows using backstitch and a light blue piece of scrap yarn.

And the back:

grumpy backFor the back, I just added the heart using duplicate stitch.

If you want to make this, I’m happy to email you the front and back patterns if they aren’t printing well – my email is on the about page.


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