Moments of Sweetness

moments of sweetness

I’m really honored to have this piece featured on Mamalode as part of this month’s “Simplify” theme. Head on over to read the whole article.

As a parent, I quickly learned that doing one thing at a time doesn’t cut it anymore. I am often juggling four things at any one moment–carrying five bags of groceries (it is against my nature to make multiple trips) while breaking up a fight between my oldest two children, watching for cars, and trying desperately not to spill my coffee or drop my baby. All the while there is the constant background brain chatter–“Did I take the load of laundry I ran four days ago out of the washer? Must remember to make dentist appointment.”

With all this multi-tasking and juggling and a to-do list that only gets longer, it can be hard to step back and appreciate the moments of amazing sweetness that occur. Oftentimes, I’m afraid I miss them. I’m making dinner or cleaning up spills or putting the baby to bed. Sometimes, I may even be physically present but I’m checking my phone or concentrating on my knitting or just otherwise mentally preoccupied. For the amount of time I spend with my children, I am ashamed at how little time I am actually completely present with them.

We are in birthday season in our household. Within five weeks, all of my children go up another finger in age. My baby is one now. My daughter three. And my son will be five in a few weeks (five!). They are still so young, of course, but they are not so young as they once were, and many stages are behind us. So I have been making an effort just to be with them more, really with them; to notice them; to appreciate them as they are now.

Some moments have stuck out more than others….

Please keep reading over on Mamalode to hear about some of these hurt-your-heart moments, and also to understand why there is a picture of my ancient Grumpy Bear as the cover photo.


5 responses to “Moments of Sweetness

  1. What a great post on the dichotomy of trying to multi task and do everything you need to versus being able to focus and just pay attention and be present for just one thing. I don’t think there’s any reason to be ashamed though- the fact you are are aware and making an effort and open to appreciation in all its forms means you ARE open to the moments and will recognize them whenever they come, be it this bday month or going forward!


  2. I think just by virtue of the fact that you are thinking about how intently you want to savor every moment with your littles means that, even if you are juggling many things at once, you will be a much more consistent and reliable presence in their lives over all and they will remember that. Cheers!


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